The Deas Rebublic

The Blessed Republic of the People of the Divine Prophet Deas, commonly referred to as The Deas Republic or simply as The Republic, is a Theological Parlimentary Republic and the only known republic in the developed world. Smaller than its neighbors it is fiercely isolationist and independent. Unfortunately this has lead to being neither ethnically nor racially diverse, as most of the non human’s have emigrated out of its borders.
Once apart of The Magus Imperium, as a part of the former Prospero Provence, the Deas Republic with their leader and Prophet, Deas the Pious, began the initial revolt against them about in the year 369 7E. The war that followed would become known as* The Provincial Wars*, lasted about 10 years resulting in the freeing of The Daes Republic, and* Elendor*, as well as the securing of a safe border in both Valieyard and KalderFjell.
Unlike the more traditional Elendor, the Republic was and is lead by a radical religious party, who are staunchly anti magic and thoroughly anti mage. Blaming the over use of magic as the cause of the Fade Mists, also saying it was the dead goddess, *Lith*’s, vengeance upon the world for turning away from her sisters and worshiping daemons and spirits as gods.
During the war the faction turned a blind eye to anyone who would pick a up a sword fight for them, no matter their beliefs but once the war ended they began to enact several laws against magic users and non members of The Temple of the Golden Goddesses..
Being influential at the time they were able to get a lot of their party members elected by the people and have since taken control of the government. The Deas Republic has become isolationist, having claimed that the City of Reverence as the holy center of the true religion, they only care for pilgrims and tend to give most other foreigners the cold shoulder.


Early Elvin Settlement

Originally settled by early Mortathar Elves, the lands and forests were once home to their fair races not much is known about these early explores as it was over thirteen and a half thousand years ago. Many Elvin structures from this time still stand in various forms of occupancy and or decay. Of course the Elves have much more knowledge on this early history but are want to share it with human archeologists and historians. What we do have is early archaic human and Halfling accounts as they too began to settle the near buy areas, and according to them It was during this time that the elves first awoke the Lithia Forest as an true eleven home, and in many legends it was one of the most beautiful and light filled of its time, this is of course in stark contrast to its current state.

The Era of the Old World (The Trianic Era)

Unfortunately even less is known about it during these times than in its initial settlement. Of course this should come as no surprise to anyone as any Old World historical accounts are rare at best. What we do know that is was still occupied by the elves but their connection if any to the Old Empire is unknown.

The Magus Imperium Expansion

After the fall of the Old World, into fell into decline, its Mortathar Elvin influence weakened as both Humans and Halflings soon began to populate the area in larger numbers. This declining influence is due to the Elves desire to Isolate themselves back in their home lands after the Old worlds destruction. This of course weakened to their hold of the land just as early Magus Imperium began its massive expansion. With the Help of the Malalder elves, The Magus Imperium soon conquered the land easily.

The Province of Prospero

With it know under Imperial rule, it became part of the Imperial Province of Prospero. The people of this knew province soon saw an influx of goods and wealth flood into the area as the Imperiums economic prosperity took hold. Many Elves who had stayed behind and not returned to Mortathar found the transition comfortable and found the influx of Malalder Elves quite enjoyable. Unfortunaly the humans of the province, whom had been used to the more subtle and temperate Mortathar Elves, found the more flamboyant and arguably more haughty Malalder less palpable and of course the Imperial Magetocracy of Imperium even less so. For those who had the gift of magic prospered most under their new rulers than those who did not. Now it was also during this time of mass mage and Malalderian immigration that the local people soon began to latch on to the Religion of the Golden Goddesses, and soon the human population found an identity in renowned pious devotion to the Goddesses.

The End of the Age of Aquarius and the First Fade Mists

Alas the Golden age of the Imperium could only last for so long and soon the gold was only found to be gilding. As the contention began to grow in the Imperium between the elite ruling class mages and the common people as well as their mage sympathizers, the first Fade Mists appeared causing even more problems for the Imperuim and its Emperor. This would lead to the Prophet, Deas the Pious, in 362 7E starting his movement against the use of magic of any kind, claiming it was the cause of the fade mists as well as the outward arrogance of the ruling class mages. His parts of followers would radicalize and begin the open assault on any and all mages and their institutions. The Imperium trying to stop the rebellion before it came to a head passed down harsh laws prohibiting protests, creating strict curfews, enacting terrible punishments against dissenters and banning the works of Deas himself. This of course had the opposite effect of quelling the populace and only inflamed Deas and his followers. This would lead to, in the year 367 7E, The Night of the Burning Tomes, were a large militant group, a mix of Deas’s followers and the unrestful populace, of the former city of Mellryn, now known as Reverence, the capital of The Republic, would sack and burn down the largest Wizarding School in the* Prospero Province*. Killing hundreds of students from children to adults. Destroying hundres of magical items and burning hundreds of magic tomes as well as buring people at the steak. The city burned for Four days and Four nights, The Prophet is said to have stood on the pedestal of the toppled statue of the Emporer and said “The Fires shall purge this city of its wickedness and sow the seeds for the glorious kingdom to come!” It was at this point he took full control of the city and soon would launch his rebellion in full force.

The Provincial Wars

The Provincal Wars started with a weak treaty between Deas and the warrior leader of the Elendor Rebellion, Alexia. He knew if he would have any chance at freeing his people and bringing the rule to them he would need her help, and if she came so would Valieyard and KalderFjell and after them would come The Great Houses of Naggrund. He was right of course, and soon their Treaty of Alliance was signed and at the end of 369 7E the war officially started. The War lasted 10 years and in that time Prophet Deas the Pious had been successfully killed in an Imperium assault on* Fort Daggard* near the heart of the Lithia Forest. Hoping that this would take the wind out of the rebellion the Imperium was quick to call it a victory but alas Deas’s closest follower would rise to fill take control, this man was* Issac Quintis*, who would become known as the Peoples Prophet and Issac the Virtuous. Issac took the helm of the rebellion and brought his people to freedom.

The Republic

Soon after the end of the war new political borders were formed. Unfortunately for the new born republic, Elendor, under the now, High Queen, Alexia, Gained the most in land. There was not much The Rebublic could do, for Issac knew that Alexia had the support of the other allies and so accepted his parcel of land with as much grace as he could muster. He got to work quickly enacting all of Deas’s and his own plans. The first elections were held in the year 381 7E. Of course most if not all the people elected were members of Deas’s inner circles and this would have a startling and quick effect on the people. Issac refused the office of Prime minster saying it was for the people to decided, and instead created the new office of “Prophet” It would be the prophets duty to ensure will of the Goddesses was known and enacted by the parliament and the Prime Minister. Soon after new laws were passed banning all magic and magic people within their borders, harsh punishments awaited those who harbored such things and people. Any Elves and smart mages emigrated out of the republic as soon as possible for fear of what was sure to come. Any Mages left with in the country were immediately persecuted and what happened to them cannot be said.


Currently the smallest nation on the Old Continent it has the smallest about of land and sea than any other nation, of course reports from other, if any, continents is unknown. Starting with rolling hills inland hills and the* Exalted River* to the north, the main bulk of the nation is its large deciduous and costal forests, the Lithia Forest, ending with the Harbinger Bay taking up the bulk of the south east.
With its small size The Republic climate consist mainly of Humid Subtropical to the south reaching to Humid Continental in its north.


The newest and only republic in the known world, The Deaus Republic is a Theological Republic Parliamentary Government. The government consists of members elected directly by the people, a feat some see as extraordinary considering the man power needed for that.
The Main Government Consists of Three Offices of power.

  • • The Prime Minster
  • • The Parliament
  • • The Prophet

On local levels People Elect permanent Vicounts or temporary Mayors for their towns and local constituencies. While on the national level they Vote for their Prime Minister and Parliament Members.

The Current Prime Minister is Rohan Rassilion
The Current Prophet is Issac Quintis

The nation government supports Anti-magic and Anti-mage laws, that are some of the harshest seen in the developed world. The Government Office that enforces those laws is The Holy Order of the Prophet’s Right Hand, more commonly referred to as The Right Hand. Considered a partial shadow organization, they police the Republic tracking and hunting down any Illegal magic and/or mages.


As a small nation The Republic surprisingly relies little on its neighbors for most of it goods and services, its own economy relying heavily on artisanal goods, especially those of the religious nature. Seeing as their biggest import is of religious goods they do quite well for themselves. Besides that they have a thriving Timber and Fishing market with smaller farms in the north.


Heavily religious the culture of The Republic is mainly influenced by The Temple of the Golden Goddesses and traditional values. It is the national religion as all other religions are banned within their borders; this of course has lead to the destruction and appropriating of many Elvin ruins and structures. It would seem they feel shame in their land’s Elvin heritage and have gone out of their way to destroy or hide most of it. Demographically they are almost 100% human in population; this has lead to an extreme prejudice in The Republic against any foreigner who is of course, not like them.

There is a small Halfling population on the northern border who have been meet with mixed feelings by the government and none locals.

The Deas Rebublic

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